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Six Weeks to Shine:

Six weeks to recentre, reconnect, and transform into the most confident, powerful, soulful version of you (Queen)!

Dates - April 15 to May 26, 2019  

Coaching Video Call Times Sundays 5pm to 6pm or Mondays 7pm to 8pm  

Week 1 on Zoom - Monday April 15 - 7pm to 8pm, Sunday April 21 7pm to 8pm Week 2 on Zoom - Monday April 22, Sunday April 28 Week 3 on Zoom - Monday April 29, Sunday May 5 Week 4 on Zoom - Monday May 6, Sunday May 12 Week 5 on Zoom - Monday May 13, Sunday May 19 Week 6 on Zoom - Monday May 20, Sunday May 26

I spend nearly every day speaking with women about what’s really real for them.  

Here is what I hear the most often:

“I just feel like I'm not connected to myself.”  

“I know that I’m supposed to do something bigger, and I’m not sure if that means leaving my career or not…or leaving my relationship or not… and ahhh… I’m just confused. I have no idea.” (I call this period the smoke - when you’re in a cloud of uncertainty)  

"'I've been so on the go with so much on my plate that I haven't been able to find any time for myself."

“I wish I could make time to meditate and self-care, but I am so frigging busy and have no time and am exhausted.”  

“I look on social media and feel like my life isn’t unfolding in the way that it’s supposed to, which makes me feel like I’m not doing anything right.”  

“I know that I have a dream for what my life could look like, but honestly I have no idea the steps how to get there and it seems so far off so I get discouraged.”  

“I want to learn how to surrender but its hard - I am such a planner and learning how to trust myself and my intuition is hard.”  

“I’m recently (single or out of a job or taking a medical leave from stress) and looking to just do me finally.”  


I made this program for you.  

After a casual seven years of deep diving into all of this stuff and learning and truly understanding how to incorporate these tools and concepts into your life I packaged it up into this sweet program where you, me, and a group of incredible women go ALL IN for six weeks to transform yourselves and your lives for six weeks. You’re going to feel so Queen by the end!!  

Listen, I get it...

This program was created based on all of the tools and practices that I found that helped me pull myself through the fog and back home to myself time after time after time. 

At 25, I found myself in my "dream life" with the job I always wanted, an incredible and supportive partner, a beautiful apartment, and taking trips around the world and still felt disconnected and flat.

I kept waking up each day feeling exhausted, more and more disconnected from myself, guilty for not feeling stoked about what was an objectively great life, and confused about what to do or how to find myself again. 

It was through that experience that I was guided to the tools and practices that are the foundation of this course. 

I realized that I kept looking to everything external - from male attention to a number in my bank account - to fulfill me, and it was only through using the tools in this course that I learned how to turn back inward and connect with the love that was within me. 

When I did that, the game changed.  

I regained my confidence and energy, and made the bold decision to end a relationship despite the pain of breaking up, and open up to the possibility that maybe my soul was leading me in a new direction. I began my journey there to figure out my soul's purpose. 

It became clear that I was here to teach and empower others to come back home to their true selves and design lives that lit them up, but my intuition was clear: "you need to do the work first." 

At 28, I had been on my journey of spirituality and personal growth for several years and was deep into my own personal work. 

It was at that point that I began to feel deep down that it was time for me to share more of what I had learned to help others. 

However, as soon as this thought arose, I was met with all sorts of internal resistance:

"What would other people think? Who was I to teach or share anything? Would anyone even care? What if everyone judged me?"

In order to transcend these fears, silence my inner critic and step back into my power, I went back to the same tools to reconnect with myself and my confidence to finally begin sharing my passions online and in person through teaching meditation workshops, leading circles, and coaching others. 

At 29, I decided that I wanted to increase the number of people I shared my message that life can be beautiful and magical when you are rooted in your authentic self, and found myself on the unlikely stage of the Bachelor. 

Ever acted in a way that kind of makes you cringe? Ever been blind-sided before? Ever been sure that something was going to go one way but then it doesn't and you're left questioning everything? 

Ever had these moments recorded and then played back to an audience of millions of stranger? 

Probably for the best that you haven't. However, I know these feelings of feeling like you've gotten out of alignment or integrity, have made a mistake, or have simply had your confidence rocked through something not going to plan or being blind-sided are universal.

Once again, while I navigated that period when my confidence and power felt more shaken than it had ever been, I went right back to these same tools to help pick myself back up. 

Most recently, as I got ready to finally let go of my law career in order to fully surrender to my soul's path, I went back to these tools to ensure that I was leaving feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on the world as I jumped off into the great unknown. 

Again and again and again - over the past seven years I have gone through these same tools and put them all together in a six week, 42 day course designed to kickstart your life by helping you become the most Queen version of yourself.

This course is a labour of love of everything that has helped me come back home to myself, step back into my power, and reconnect with my inner light in an easy to follow, 6 week, 42 day format. 

It's time to pick yourself up, dust off your crown, come back into your heart and rise back into your power like the Queen you are. 



Your price: $549 +HST , or $112.50 per month


There are two payment options available for you!

Don't take it from just me...

Testimonials and Praise

"I enrolled in this program when I was feeling stressed and disconnected from myself. I would recommend it to someone that really doesn't know where she is going or has become lost in herself or her life; someone that just needs to be able to recenter themselves. By the end of the course I felt so good, so energized, so positive and so clear on my future!!!! The investment in yourself is so worth it!" - Elizabeth H., November, 2018

"This course was such a gift. I can feel the work I put in has paid off tremendously. I’m so excited to bring everything I learned with me into 2019 and beyond. I’ve gotten so much reassurance from our chats, whether that’s through the group and hearing other women talking about overcoming their own struggles that I am going through myself, or through your advice that breaks down my broad intentions and overwhelming feelings and into manageable steps to feeling more connected and on the right path." - Delaynie, November, 2018

"Catie will help you bring out the GODDESS within you. She helped me realize that I was not living my truest/most vibrant life. Aside from the amazing content, I love her online coaching programs for the community support! Its so amazing to connect with other women on the same journey. Catie is full of energy and ALL the good vibes, she teaches what I wish I would've known forever, her strength is helping you see your truth and crack open your heart, she is the BEST at what she does, you would not regret enrolling!!!!" - Jolene, September 2018

"I was feeling like it was time to actually get serious about my life. Seeing Catie for a session on the brink of my 30th birthday allowed me to turn pure anxiety into fuel. With her I was able to nail down an authentic-feeling, inspiring plan for my next 6 months and just feel totally in my power moving forward with it. My session was a total catalyst for a new, better-feeling life - it marked a turning point in my young life. I'm incredibly grateful." - Kait, September 2018

"Catie has the uncanny ability to see right to the heart of a person. When you are in her presence, you can't hide. With so much love and respect, she will call you on your BS and guide you to an awareness of where you are not living in your own truth. Catie is also practical and once she breaks open your heart-she gives you the tools and her presence to get you to stay in your new reality. I credit Catie with pointing me towards where I was not being honest with myself and through her patience and gentle nudging, I'm a better and happier person. Six Weeks to Shine gave me the courage and confidence to finally execute on a long-standing dream! I credit it to giving me the power and fuel I needed to rocket-ship my dream out into the world!" - Vanessa, November, 2019

"If you feel called to this do it! It’s the best investment you can make in yourself. Do this for you! Take this as your sign. Not even 2 weeks into the program I felt magical shifts in my life already. I was unemployed and depressed. 2 weeks in I finally broke down my walls and let my guard down and fully trusted in the universe. A couple hours later I got an email I never expected offering me a job! I was ecstatic as I had 10 job interviews and got denied all of them. It’s amazing how fast things work when you truly trust that there is something amazing out there for you! The biggest thing I have learned is to trust the universe and the amazing path it has for me. To equip me with the tools to overcome obstacles, stresses and anxieties. To give me clarity and guidance on situations. This program is for any who wants to feel happy and needs other woman who she can vibe with or a woman who needs to be uplifted and find a deeper connection within herself that amazing badass that she is!" - Julia, January 2019

"After completing this program I finally landed the job I wanted to! Focusing in on becoming my best self instead of stressing allowed me to finally surrender and allow the universe to work for me. I've never felt better!" - Dilzayn, November-December, 2019

"When I enrolled, I was honestly lost and broken due to a few different factors and I didnt like who or how I was. The healing journey is the magical part. When youre broken you cant just wake up and be better. Its a process and the "ah ha" moments along the way and the little victories you can see with your own eyes are the magical parts. This program would be right for someone who is freshly single, or anyone who has always put others first and neglects their own emotions often. Catie is the coach, she will not do the work for you! But if you do, you will tap into the magic! I feel like before this program I lived my life as the spare shirt button. I was a button, but I was hiding on the inside of the shirt, I was smaller than the other buttons, and I wasnt living to my full potential. Now, I am a button on the front of the shirt. Living my best button life for everyone to see." - Kat, January 2019

"Heading into Shine, I was coming off an amazing albeit hectic trip from Australia. I had THE best time away but returning home left me exhausted, jet-lagged and really out of sorts adjusting back to my day-to-day life. Coming home threw me right into Christmas season, full force. Thankfully, Catie’s Shine program helped bring me back to centre. I wasn’t feeling grounded in my life – too many flights to say the least! – and this feeling was carrying over into all areas of my life. But week after week, working through Shine, I started to regain a sense of clarity over what was next for me. I dug deep and explored the things I was feeling. The days I was feeling less than my best, I journaled it out, following the module prompts and let myself feel that too. It was scary and uncomfortable digging into the deepest parts of myself, the parts I tended to avoid, but Catie’s questions and guidance always provided a safe space to do this! No matter what, she and the amazing community of women participating in this program, had my back. Everyone was going through similar things in their life and this sense of community really filled me up. For me, I really resonated with the tips on positive affirmations and tools for manifesting wonderful things into my life. I’ve always had an interest in manifestation and the law of attraction but Catie explained it all in a way that made complete sense to me. She discusses how much our own thoughts hold power. Actively thinking about this helped me regain a sense of power I didn’t realize I had lost. It felt great to have it back again. It felt great to be the designer of my own dreams.  

In other modules, I really started to form the bigger picture for my life. I knew what I wanted, yes, but I had never really taken the time to see it, to visualize it and actually think of how I could really make it happen. I started to dream and plan and trust the universe and myself more than I ever had before. I created amazing feel-good playlists, pretty affirmation notes all over my house and a fun vision board. Since completing Shine, I feel like I am really very clear on what is next for me. I know the things I want – a book deal and my own art studio to name a few! – and I’m not sure exactly how these will come to be, but Shine has helped me form little steps to keep forging the way to these goals. I am SO grateful for the opportunity to participate and grow with this program and I would recommend it to literally anyone, no matter what you are trying to achieve in your life! I have definitely learned new habits and cultivated important ways of thinking that have improved my life so much. Along with a regained sense of joy, self-love and strength that have taken me to new exciting places already. Honestly, everyone needs a little Shine in their life!!" - Christy, Six Weeks to Shine, November-December, 2018

"Since working with Catie, I started a new business and finally fulfilled two of my life-long goals/dreams! It allowed me to centre. Refocus on what matters most to me, believe I was on the right path. A woman who enrolls might feel like she needs a lift, a change, or a push to get there. Catie will be fully invested. She remembers details of your life. She'll offer strategies but also straight up - advice." - Katie, Coaching, Retreats

Here's what I'll be teaching and what you'll get...

1. Forty two days of daily reflections and execises delivered each week; 

2. Six modules delivered via weekly workbooks and video trainings over the course of six weeks;

3. One one-on-one private coaching session with Catie for clarity, support and integration of the material;

4. Weekly group Zoom calls for Q and A and coaching on Sundays at 5pm to 6pm, and Monday 7pm to 8pm EST. (Note: these are recorded and are provided)

5. Recorded meditations and workbooks; 

6. Additional online support and unlimited Q and A; 

7. Group community and support of like-minded women supporting each other to rise into their fullest potential. 

The Mind: Vision, Manifesting, and Gaining Clarity  

Module 1 (days 1-7)  

You will get crystal clear on your future vision and the woman you want to become not only during this program but beyond through exercises designed to stop the spiral in your mind and bring you back to your truth.

You will learn the tried and true way to manifest whatever your heart desires through the four step process to co-create whatever reality we choose with the universe.  

In addition, there will be an intention setting ceremony as you get ready to kick start the course!

The Body: Nurturing, Connecting and Loving Your Vessel 

Module 2, Days 8-14  

This week is about reconnecting with your physical body through understanding your relationship to it, where your patterns may be stemming from, and a clear action plan to kickstart your health and vibrancy. 

This module also includes a gentle detox cleanse as well as a fitness challenge. 

The Spirit: Connecting with Feminine Energy, Self-Love, and Inner Wisdom

Module 3, Days 15-21

The feminine energy is about simply being, turning inward, resting, surrendering, connecting with intuition, beauty for the sake of beauty, sensuality, creativity, flow, nurturing, connection, and collaboration. 

In this module you see how you may be disconnected from your feminine energy as a result of too much "doing" and this week invites you to slow down, reconnect with your wisdom, and love up on yourself for a week. 

The Release: Forgiveness and Letting Go  

Module 4, Days 22 - 28 

Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, this week focuses on forgiveness and releasing work and ceremonies to finally let go of what has been holding you back from stepping into your authentic power.

Often we do not even realize all that we are holding onto until we bring awareness to it. 

This is a powerful week designed to kickstart the final part of the six week journey. 

The Inner Warrior: Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Life and Large, Imperfect Actions

Week 5, Days 29 -35 

Now that you are feeling great from connecting inward the past few weeks, and have finally let go of what's been holding yu back, its time to take radical responsibility for what you want and to take action toward your dreams. 

In this week, you commit to taking action by looking fear and self-doubt right in the facing and forging ahead anyway.  

The Queen: Living Your Most Beautiful Life 

Week 6, Days 35 - 42  

This week you will integrate all that you learned so that you are fully embodying the most powerful, centered, soul-connected, trusting version of yourself, with clear direction on who you are and where you want to go.

From this place, anything is possible.

After the final module, you have a 1:1 coaching session to ensure that you are fully supported as you move forward. 

If we haven't met, I'm Catie Fenn.

I'm a former lawyer turned soul guide and coach who helps others own their power, connect with their souls and the universe, and design lives that feel fulfilling, connected and magical. I built a successful business over the last five years with the simple and sole purpose to help others come back home to themselves, feel happier and more connected to their lives, the universe, and what really matters to them - all the while helping women remember that they are Queens and to own their worth and power. 

I’ve learned a lot. And it’s my job to teach you. I share the wealth of knowledge and experience I now have through years of deep diving into all things spirituality, personal growth, wellness, feminine energy and women's empowerment, while trying to actually incorporate these concepts, tools and ideas into what has always been a very busy and demanding life. 

As a result, I share tools and wisdom in a practical, easy to digest and understand way. I'm a litigator by nature, and quite frankly, in my previous career didn't have time to focus in on any "fluffy" ideas. Instead, I needed to cut to the chase and figure out what tools or ideas were helpful and then actually do the work to incoporate them into my life. The tools and wisdom I now share come a place of true experience of having witnessed how they transformed my life. I truly do wake up every day feeling connected to myself, excited about life, and fully supported by the universe. 

Through the tools and wisdom I now share, my hope is that you will remember just how powerful, special and beautiful you are. My hope is that you allow yourself to dream whatever dream you want for yourself in your life. My wish for you is that you stop seeking outside of yourself or any other external factor to make you happy and fulfilled, and instead, start to reconnect inward with the perfection of who you already are.


What if I can't make the calls?

They will be recorded! They will be sent to you and you can send in your questions to be answered on the call. 

What if I can't do all of the activities or commit to all six weeks?

No worries - the materials are yours forever to work through at your own pace!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! I love payment plans and there is one available. 


Let's do the thing already. 

Normal price: $675 + HST

Your price: $549 + HST

Okay, babe. You've made it this far. 

And if you’ve made it this far, then I am guessing you are wondering whether this could be right for you.  

Listen to your heart — it will never lead you in the wrong direction. If this is tug-tug and nudge nudging about you, then you know what to do. 

I don’t want to talk you into anything. This is an investment, and if you're not used to investing in yourself it might feel like a bit of an edge.

But here's what I know for sure - the investment we make in ourselves if the best investment we can make. I know this is the type of investment that can take you to the next level, finally get you unstuck, help you realign with your purpose and get you finally feeling like the queen you are... 

But it doesn’t matter what I know.  

It only matters what you know in your heart.  

Take a minute to get still. Close your eyes. Take a few long, big breaths in and out through your nose. As you do that bring, your attention down to the centre of your chest - your heart. 

Now ask yourself, "am I supposed to do this course?" 

Take a minute to feel in your heart whether it feels open or closed. Think about what it would be like to wake up every day feeling energized, excited about life, and completely connected with your heart. Imagine what it would be like to just feel incredible all day, to own your worth and your power, and to know, deep down, that all the good things you want for yourself and your life are coming to you. 

When you sit in those feelings - those feelings of joyful anticipation at the possibility that your life could be as epic as you imagine it to be - trust the guidance that you get. 

The answer will come to you. Whatever sign you need will come. When and if you do choose to enrol, just know that I am so grateful. I am so excited for you! I got you. 

You don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore.  

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous. Feel that fear - and then take the next step forward anyway.

You've got this, Queen!